Friday, June 12, 2009

Quickdraw Avocado Sandwiches

It was one of those days when suddenly it was 5 in the afternoon and all I'd had was half a papaya with yogurt and honey. Not good. I popped some veggie burgers (far superior to boca burgers, if you've ever tried either) under broiler (my new favorite method of cooking), when I discovered half an avocado in the fridge! Not able to wait 10 minutes for the burger patties, I snuck one of my pieces of bread an concocted the best 2-minute sandwich of the year.

Luckily, I was still hungry enough to eat the veggie burgers when they came out. Goes great with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, avocado, tomato, and pickles.

2-minute Avocado Sandwich Idea:
(makes 1 sandwich)

Milton's 7-Grain Sliced Bread
1/4 tomato
handful crumbled blue cheese
small handful lettuce

  1. Put 1 slice Milton's 7-grain bread in the toaster. I love this bread for the nutty sweetness
  2. Peel half an avocado with your fingernails
  3. slice avocado fast kine. Try not to eat it all before it makes it to the sandwich.
  4. Slice 1/4 tomato with the same knife
  5. Fold bread slice in half, and dump avocado, crumbled blue cheese, tomato, dill pickle, and spring lettuces inside. Devour.
It's good to keep in mind that the simple things are often more delicious than complicated ones. I was listening to an NPR podcast about reviving recipes from The Great Depression, and the hosts did a taste test of some of the dishes. Back then, there were no such things as cookbooks or recipes. No ingredient lists or numbered instructions. You cooked with what you had on hand. The few recipes that did survive were more guidelines than recipes as we know them. The most appealing one was called chowder. The ingredients were salt pork, onion, salt, potatoes, and water. Four ingredients. The tasters were amazed at how flavorful and tasty the chowder was, which did not contain any dairy. Perahps we should hearken

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