Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mediocre food day

I should really just dedicate a blog to Japanese school lunch. It's so good. Today I went to 水安島 to teach. Their school lunch is great because it's HOT! It's made on the island, and for only 5 students and a dozen teachers. Superb.

Crispy panko-battered salmon fillet

Bacon Potato Chowder soup, thin for chowder but I don't know how else to describe it. Potato, onion, pig/bacon pieces, cabbage, corn. I want to make chowder.

molasses bread (not as good as it sounds. NO Japanese bread is as good as it sounds, I find. It's always fluffy, light, airy, slightly yeasty, and has little to no flavor nor substance.)

cooked spinach (or maybe ong choy?) and corn salad, nice and salty


I have to proclaim it and resolve it here and now. After Lunar New Year and after my birthday (they just happen to be on the same day) NO MORE GLUTTONY. Meaning, my goal is to lose my excess weight by March. Proclaiming it publicly will hopefully motivate me. I need to a) cook less frequently; b) cook less (eg cook portions sized for 2 meals, not ten); c) cook healthier; d) not eat brownies for breakfast, snack. lunch, snack, dinner, and snack; e) eat in moderation. Lofty goals.

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