Monday, February 2, 2009

French Toast & Canadian Bacon Sandwich

Total time: 7 minutes.

I believe in eating breakfast. If I didn't eat breakfast, I wouldn't be able to get through the day til lunch. As it is, I snack on chocolate, senbei, and other おかし that they always have lying around the teachers' rooms. I can't do cold breakfasts, and I recently splurged on a bottle of real Canadian Maple Syrup for 753円 (The bottle is a wee bit smaller than my hand), and I love French Toast. I was already 10 minutes late for work, so I figured 10 more minutes couldn't hurt.

Plus, don't YOU love the way maple syrup always gets all over your bacon? Sweet and salty is a key spice of life. I'd also like to say that french toast is not as bad as folks make it out to be! It can be delicious, and just as healthy (and quick) as any other "toast"-based sandwich (e.g. PBJ, butter and cinnasugar, cream cheese and something sweet, nutella, etc).

1 slice bread (older is better. I keep my bread in the freezer, so I popped it in the microwave for a few seconds [and then the fish grill part of my stove] so that it would absorb)
1-2 tablespoons milk
1 big egg
dash vanilla extract
cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, chili powder (yes!) to taste

a bit of butter

3 slices canadian bacon
Maple Syrup

The Way:
  1. Fry bacon in pan. Meanwhile, mix milk, eggs, vanilla, and spices in a dish (I have a shallow soup bowl that is almost exactly bread-sized. It works perfectly!) Soak bread in egg mixture, poking holes with fork, shaking, and flipping bread as necessary. Try to get it to absorb all of it.
  2. Remove bacon. Set aside. Rinse pan. Melt butter in pan. On medium flame, add bread. Flip when golden brown and crispy. Assemble into sandwich with canadian bacon, and drench with maple syrup. Yes!


  1. hey kim! this is ron! do they sell regular bacon in grocery stores around here? i love french toast, but can't get down with the canadian version of bacon. i don't normally like maple syrup either, but i think it might be a better alternative to the syrup they have here. wonder if they have anything like mrs. butterworth...

    love the blog! i always check it out when i'm hungry and don't know what to make!

  2. yes! they sell bacon in the stores. They usually have it in the processed ham meat section, which is normally on the far end of the meat section (the opposite side from the fish). Most varieties come in little sealed packages of bacon pre-cut into half slices. It is labeled "ba-kon" in katakana (バーコン) I LOVE BACON as well! At Jusco they have 2 packages of bacon for 500 yen.

    They also have some pretty good maple syrup if you go to a big enough store...