Friday, March 13, 2009

Spinach Mousse


We got it in school lunch. Many of the kids wouldn't touch it. In fact, they told me it would be bitter and gross. Lies! I tried it, and it tastes nothing like spinach. It's a slightly strange/pleasant green color, and the name and ingredients are off-putting, but it's better than any packaged pudding I've ever had in America, save perhaps kozy shack. But I'm sure this one is much healthier than kozy shak--it has spinach! It tastes creamy, milky, and smooth. It's just plain good pudding.

I think this company just needs to find a way to market itself, so more people will eat it. The idea of "spinach mousse" is a little off-putting. Especially since it conjures ideas of truly moussey concoctions made of "pure" spinach at hoity toity restaurants experimenting with molecular gastronomy. This spinach mousse tastes so much better.

So, who knows where I can buy me some of this stuff? I have yet to see it in the store. I would seriously eat it every day if I could.


  1. actually, I would think a spinach-headed cartoon character with bulging biceps is the perfect way to market a dessert... but I guess I don't know much about marketing

  2. Wow! This is amazing. At first I thought it was green tea ice cream! Nice to find that in a school lunch! I would want that. What is weird here in the United States is that we have a chocolate sherbet which actually uses apple juice, but yet you can't taste the apple at all. It looks like all over the world school lunches can have very interesting things!

  3. WRITE MORE, KIM!! i miss your writing!!!!!